Office environment of many world leading companies such as Amazon, Apple or Google are elegant and cool, with many spaces in which their employees can spend idle time. The actual accomplishment is to help make employees work more productively. But unfortunately small businesses do not have the luxury of building a space as grandiose as them but they can sure use some tips from office interior designer in Dubai. Here are some of them:

  • Bind it all together

One of the major mistakes which we see a lot of people making is that they would choose a very pleasing colour palette for the walls and then something completely different for the flooring while the furniture would look like odd one out in the interiors. Even if all these elements are completely perfect in their genre, they may not look as good when combined together which is why you need to make sure that they all bind together for uniform look.

  • Choose a professional colour palette

While we do agree that with the changing times office setting is becoming more casual and laid back at the same time we cannot ignore the fact that it is still a professional setting which is why the colour palette should speak volumes about the intensity of dedication to task and professional setting which you come up for.

  • Aim for customized furniture

Even though there is nothing wrong in choosing the set of furniture which is readily available but the space would look more put together if you aim for personalized. You know and understand the office more than anyone which means that you also know the number of drawers a desk would need or the style of furniture that would complement the design and interiors. Get in touch with an interior designer and see what and how can be done.

  • Have a minimalistic decor approach

Don’t get flown away by emotions but instead aim for something realistic and smart decor that keeps the space grounded yet binds the loose ends together smartly. Fall in love with the minimalism because less is really certainly more. Aim for personalized decor just like every other interior designing aspect and you will be good to go. Allow employees or the staff to bring in their own decor so that the place feels more homey and comfortable.

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Banfi Band

Dubai, UAE

Sunday, Sep 27, 2020