Groups and Categories of Base Oil

Oil base is a term commonly used in the petroleum and chemical industries. It is the generic term given to any liquid oil preparation which contains an increased amount of petroleum-based materials.

Reasons to Use Base Oil: The purpose of using this term is to describe the materials contained in oil which is generally required for lubrication or greasing purposes. Oils are derived from natural sources like rocks and oil reservoirs and can be found with base oil supplier. Some of the common oils used in the chemical industry include gasoline, diesel, methanol, lubricating oil, etc.

Types of Base Oil:

There are different types of base oils which are separated into three categories by chemical manufacturing companies in UAE depending on the way they undergo processing.

The first type of base oil which is derived from crude oil is called crude lubricant. This lubricant contains a large amount of water and has very little amount of sulfur, which is required during the greasing or lubrication process of various mechanical devices.

The water content of the lubricant greatly reduces the amount of vapor pressure.

Crude lubricant is further processed and manufactured into various products like anti-wear materials, anti-freeze, water-jet coating, tire-repair fluid, engine oil and other chemicals that are widely used in various mechanical industries.

Categories of Base Oil:

Refined crude oil is another category of base oils which are derived from different sources like natural oils like coconut oil, borehole oil, flue gas, tar Sands and other liquids from earth. In this type of base oil, the crude medium is further processed into various petrochemical products like gasoline, diesel, methanol, butadiene and hydrocarbons which are later used for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Many new base oils are also being manufactured which are derived from recycled vegetable oil which was used for the purpose of making paper. During the past decades, a wide range of new base oils have been manufactured which are now widely available in the market.

Groups of Base Oil:

The second group of base oils includes two major classes of lubricants those having low or no vapor pressure and those having high vapor pressures. Some examples of low vapor pressure oil are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyimide which form a layer with a thin film upon being exposed to the atmosphere.

Hydropower: The final category of base oils which are commonly used in the hydropower sector are those with high steam velocities. These oils include the paraffin waxes and the paraffin bases which are processed through a dehydration process.

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