Hip hop classes in Dubai are something very fun to be part of. But if you would like to master the moves then there isn’t any rocket science associated with it, you simply need to have enough determination and dedication towards the task that it pulls you to the classes and gives you joy. Apart from that, here are some tips to help you in excelling the dance:

  • Just relax and chill

Hip hop is all about having fun and making people enjoy you through your dance which is why it important that you relax out and chill. You don’t want to look stiff while dancing which is why it is always a good idea to let your body flow along with the music. Join the rhythm and make your body learn it.

  • Change into comfy clothes

Dance is something which takes efforts and complete body movement to excel which is why if you really want to get into the groove then it is necessary that you change into some comfortable clothes. You can surely wear fitted clothes when performing but before that for your practice choose something which allows your body to move and function however you like. This does not specify to clothing in fact it ranges from the accessories that you choose to wear to the dance shoes that you’ve specifically bought for classes.

  • Take lessons

While it is a good idea to practice in front of your bathroom mirror with video running, a professional guidance is always a better option. They help you in determining your flaws and correcting it through their expertise. It is a great idea to learn from a professional who can guide you where improvement is needed and how you can be more effective in what you do. By taking lessons you will also learn the different techniques and tips for enhancing your capabilities.

  • Start from toe to head

This is the basic tip which will help you in your early classes. Shake up your feet and warm up your toes and then gradually move to your waist and work up to head. Don’t put your body in shock by shaking your head like crazy and then warming up to rest of the body. Give yourself some time to adapt to the moves and remember the golden rule of starting from toe to head.

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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024