News channels are the source of information for the people in a country. People will come to know about what is happening in their country and now with the increased level of technology they can even get to know about what is happening in a country far away from them. Satellites in the space will get the signals and provide the information about the entire world just in few clicks. Sharjah local news is the main source of information for the people of Sharjah and surroundings so it has to bring rue and the credible news the viewers. For news to be a credible one it is important that it fall upon the following criteria:

Error free: The news channel and all the workers there should make sure that the news which they are giving to the local community is accurate and without error. They have to make sure about eliminating all the errors before they get that news on air because in case of wrong news there may be a chaos will created. They should not be bias in giving information about other people and the departments of the states.

Transparent: The source of the news should be transparent so that there will be no hesitation in accepting the news. If a news channel will not provide the transparent sources of the news they give then the channel will lose its credibility and people will stop believing on that.

Expertise: Whenever a news channel is going to hire news reporters, editors and other staff they always make sure that all these people should be expert in this field. They can hire newbies too but they have to verify their news and they may give them other work instead of getting news about expo 2020. When a news reporter is not expert in this field then he will not differentiate between informative news and the fake one.

Agenda: The agenda of any news channel is to inform the viewers about the things and incidents going around them. They should provide them the basis for thinking about the elected personnel, new reforms in the schooling of children, new climate change and their risks, prevention for the upcoming diseases of the world etc. they have to provide all these and many other things with great care.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024