Facts About Teeth and Dentists

People don’t value your teeth until they have lost them. Having a full set of teeth is a blessing because there are people who are not blessed with this gift, some develop weak teeth and they have to get themselves an artificial set of teeth and they are easy to maintain as well. So, teeth are an asset as well, because a single artificial tooth can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Speaking of artificial which means that people use different implants as well, but did you know that a group of archeologists found 600 A.D. year old dental implant which was said to be found in a woman’s tooth. It was a small piece of metal rod which was fixed inside a tooth. Now, some also said that this small rod was meant to torture the woman and her rest of the teeth were fine.

You always be careful by not getting into fights because you don’t want to lose any of your teeth at any time. So, in this case you must know that teeth enamel that are said to be stronger than steel. Even if you take a punch and your falls out, remember to pick it up because the enamel will still be in tacked. There every 5 out of 10 people who don’t brush their teeth regularly and it is a very unhygienic thing for the mouth according to the dentists. People brush their teeth for 40 to 70 seconds even though it is recommended that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. A human has 32 teeth, cats have 30 teeth, dogs have 42 teeth, an armadillo has 104 teeth and a snail has 25,000 teeth. The history has recorded the first dentist lived 5,000 years back and his name was Hesi-Re and he belonged from Egypt. The second known dentist was a woman in 1870 and her name was Lucy Beaman Hobbs and the first dental hygienist and dental surgeon was Irene Newman in 1910.

The very first tooth paste was introduced not very long ago, just 100 years back. The Ancient Greek people used activated coral powder, talc, alabaster, pumice and some even used iron rust as well. It is a very popular myth and some people say that it is rumor that President George Washington didn’t had any teeth, he used artificial teeth.

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024