For a male seeking help with their fertility treatment, any best urologist doctor in Dubai would recommend them to andrologist. Andrology in Dubai deals with different fertility conditions and treatments in male reproductive system.

In order to determine the exact cause of infertility, your physician may recommend you some tests which would analyse the count, motility and shape of sperms. This is important because sperms are supposed to fertilize an egg which would carry out the process of conceiving – when the first step is a little slower then how would a couple conceive? This is a major issue which most of the people are facing today.

There must be several questions in your mind regarding andrological tests and how the process is carried out in order to help you. So let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • How specimen stay fresh

Fresh specimen is always analyzed first in order to know and understand its function and structure. Later on in order to preserve it, specimen is mixed with a solution which protects it from low temperature – an important factor needed for most of the specimen to stay fresh. Whereas if the longevity of specimen staying fresh is concerned, you can be worry free about that because after submitting the sample it will be the job of laboratory to keep it safe even if you would like to transfer it to some other facility.

  • Storing options

Most people like to preserve their specimen for a period of time or for unpredictable moments in the future. There are different storage options available for you in such case. Once you have submitted the required amount, there will be some tests which run through it and if things go fine you will find the option to either dispose it, store it or donate it. If you choose to donate it then know that the storing fee will be charged which makes sure that all the factors which will keep the specimen fresh and alive are provided to it.

Everyone have their own reasons of visiting Andrologist, whichever is yours just make sure that you are open about the issue so that your diagnosis and treatment can be carried out the right way. Don’t be hesitant, and if you are then make sure you let your doctor know.

Banfi Band

Dubai, UAE

Saturday, Aug 8, 2020